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Life may not begin at 60, but it definitely rocks!

New Year’s Day 2022. 60 years old. Bam! That went fast....

Now what?

Lucky Justin had a plan - well a proposal - my marriage adverse partner of 9yrs realised that being a husband could possibly be fabulous. Yes would be the answer to the question.

We only had moments to bask in the yumminess - there was a 60th birthday party to prepare.

For the first time I could remember - I had allowed those I love take over the planning of the celebration. Reformed micro manager that I am, I almost broke out in a rash keeping my hands off it.

My heart felt that it would explode with all of the love I received. It was a joyous, noisy night of extraordinarily good food, and extraordinarily bad dancing. Even now, there is a smile spreading across my face as I remember hitting the dance floor with my 4 sisters. Complete love and abandon - dance like no one is watching!

Also at the party were 2 little beans. Albert John was nestled in my daughter-in-law's belly, while Henry Stephen cosied up within my younger daughter.

March saw my eldest daughter back for a short visit from Scotland (little was she to know this short visit would last 6 months).

April became the month of the Twisins.

Albert was born April 1 and Henry April 30.

What joy. I had 6 weeks in Melbourne totally immersed in family, it was emotional, intense, warm and familiar.

I have been back in Queensland for the last 5 years and extended family time is a precious gift.

The birth of Catalyst

It was during this time that I made the decision to pull back from one on one coaching for clients new to inner work. I wanted to focus on an idea that had been pulling me toward it for at least 2 years.

I love what I do...

I love running workshops...

...and training programs

...and seeing the fire of passion ignite when people are called to being coaches.

I also know, from personal experience that it can feel like a daunting, lonely, overwhelming road.

Most new coaches need help setting up their business -

  • everything from book keeping to social media strategies

  • how to find clients

  • convert clients in a discovery call

  • structure programs

  • what legal forms do I need

  • insurances

  • how to deal with unusual situations with clients

  • How to chase money

  • respond to transference issues

  • maintaining professional standards

  • finding a community of like minded people.

It was a scary moment, walking away from what I knew and the financial certainty, but it was also exactly what I had done years earlier when I had started my coaching business. Listening to the call and taking a leap of faith. The people I am looking to serve are doing exactly the same thing.

The structure around Catalyst Coaching Hub was born.

So much had already happened in the year - and it’s not even half over.

Here comes the bride(s)

My eldest daughter had her partner meet her in Australia and in late July, they got married. More memories, more family and so much love and gratitude.

In August, it dawned on Justin and I that our early Spring wedding was fast approaching and we had done little more than a guest list and engaged a celebrant (who was family)

OOPS - now the rush was on. It was also the busiest time of year for me with training weekends and workshops. Our wedding weekend was the only weekend I had off in 9 weeks.

We had always planned to get married on the beach and have the reception at home. It soon became apparent the house would be too small. A friend offered their house - the list kept growing - their house wouldn’t accommodate the celebration. Luckily - a local bar was going to able to accomodate us all - Huzaar.

As the day approached, the weather became more and more unsettled - 3 days out we had to make a call and cancel the beach ceremony. On my marriage certificate - place of marriage - the address of the bar. Not what I wanted and yet It was perfect - the groom’s only request was that each guest made a point of speaking to everyone at the wedding.

They all complied.

The Ultimate Catalyst Boon

Catalyst - has blossomed into a hub in the true sense of the word - a focal point for people to come together. It is an ever evolving place where specialists and experts come together to share what they know with coaches and it’s not just inner work coaches. It is also yoga teachers, nutritionists, fitness coaches, maths tutors.

The unifying thread is that each of these people have taken the leap to live their passion and contribute by helping others transform their lives.

To support these people - we have experts in branding, strategy small business book keeping, videography, research, team building, conflict resolution, automation - and the list is growing.

I am blown away by the those who are coming on board to support the vision.

Looking back over the year and writing this reflection, my heart is filled with gratitude and love.

I also remember the feelings of loss when my older son moved to NZ and my daughter flew home to Scotland. I miss my grandchildren and it can feel sad that I am not closer.

It has become even more important to create a life that gives me time and place freedom. Working from anywhere, being able to create gaps in my calendar that I can fill with travel and family.

Hello Dan, it's Joe here, I hope you're keeping well...It’s the 21st of December...

The last 2 1⁄2 weeks have been really intense.

Like most people, being confronted with uncertainty and powerlessness, sends me into some big feelings.

Our dog, Daisy, had a puppy - just one. Gracie was born small and weak. Daisy wasn’t able to feed her, so we have been doing 2 hourly feeds for weeks. She started to gain weight and turn a corner when during 1 of her feeds, she propelled herself off our kitchen table while we were momentarily distracted by her mum jumping up to join in.

Not good.

We had to go back to syringe feeding her while she slept and rested from the head trauma - she has had a couple of seizures and we have been ready for the worst. But she is a fighter - she has started feeding again with extreme enthusiasm - her eyes have opened, she is wobbling around on her little legs and her belly is getting rounder.

Everyone at the vet surgery is cheering for her - the neighbours are sending her light and love.

This tiny, tiny 300g puppy has pulled so many people into her life - most have never even seen her.

She is special.

I have left her with Justin so that I can spend Christmas with my kids. Justin and I are apart, he has the pressure of looking after Gracie (and our 2 other dogs) on his own. There is no guarantee she is going to make it. I trust that she will.

This Christmas, more than any other, will be a practice of truly staying present in each moment. Grateful for where I am, and what I have.

I am leaving 2022 knowing this year has had everything. It has been peppered with celebration and uncertainty.

With the parties, babies and weddings there was tension, things said that maybe shouldn’t have been said, things unsaid that maybe should have been.

What I know to be true is that love always wins if you give it a chance.

Taking leaps, looking forward and surrendering all outcomes.

I am a messy work in progress and it is so cool that I don’t have to be ‘fixed’ in order to have beauty and love in my life.

Bring on 2023. More transformation, more mess, more magic and of course - more Gravy



Catalyst is a 3 tiered membership program offering coaches everything from brand elevation to program development, upskilling to personal coaching.

A community to grow and learn from with masterclasses from experts in coaching techniques, media, researching, and program development - just to name a few.

Catalyst starts Mon 16 Jan 2023. Join us!


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