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Catalyst Business Foundations Essential Steps For Building Your Coaching Business - C.Vale

Catalyst Business Foundations: Essential Steps For Building Your Coaching Business
by Cat Valentine & Jess Simpson

Discover how to set up your coaching business with 'Catalyst Business Foundations: Essential Steps For Building Your Coaching Business'.


This eBook is a gift from the dynamic mother-daughter team, Cat Valentine and Jess Simpson, who bring together their collective 50 years of experience in the business, coaching and communications worlds. 


If you're a budding coach wanting to establish a strong foundation or an experienced professional hungry for fresh insights, this eBook serves as your comprehensive guide.


Experience an insightful exploration into coaching business foundations, filled with practical advice. 'Catalyst Business Foundations' paves your path towards coaching excellence and empowers you to unlock your clients' potential.


Download your free copy today and embark on your transformative journey in the thrilling world of coaching!

"It's the book we wish we had when setting up our business" - Cat & Jess

*Why is this free?

At Catalyst, we believe in and encourage our clients to engage, in the freemium marketing method.  Similar to Zoom, Spotify or Google, we offer great value upfront and those who want more will decide to buy the 'premium version'. Or in our case, sign up for programs, paid workshops and one-on-one coaching. 

Will we ever pressure to buy? Hells no!

Would be love to have you as a part of the free community forever? Absolutely!

it's a win/win for everyone!

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