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CBF Bootcamp

FREE for Feb 9-11 2024 ONLY

(usually $2,500)

FREE CBF Bootcamp! 9 - 11 Feb 2024
FREE CBF Bootcamp! 9 - 11 Feb 2024

Fri, 09 Feb


Live Online

FREE CBF Bootcamp! 9 - 11 Feb 2024

A 3-day business foundations bootcamp for your coaching business. FREE for the first time ever!

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Time & Location

09 Feb 2024, 10:00 am AEST – 11 Feb 2024, 6:00 pm AEST

Live Online

What Happens At A CBF Bootcamp

*** For the first (and probably only) time EVER, the $2,500 CBF Bootcamp is FREE!!! ***


At the very core of CATALYST, it's about connection, communication, and confidence

We believe that your unique story is the foundation of your business. Telling that story, genuinely and passionately, is the key to deeply connecting with your ideal clients.

Transform Your BUSINESS:

1 Strategic Storytelling Mastery:

Learn to craft and position your story for greater strategic business impact.

2 Authentic Industry Connections:

Forge powerful connections with collaborators and clients for a thriving practice.

3 Target Audience Clarity:

Master the art of identifying and communicating with your ideal client demographic.

4 Brand Differentiation:

Establish a powerful and unique brand identity that captures attention.

5 Business Logistics Know-How:

Navigate through the essentials of business management, from contracts to compliance.

6 Value-Based Pricing Strategies:

Develop a confident pricing strategy that reflects the true value of your services.

7 Customised Business Strategy:

Tailor your business model and strategy to fit your unique vision and the needs of your market.

8 Expanded Influence:

Amplify your presence through strategic media and public speaking opportunities.

9 Solid Business Foundation:

Build a robust foundation in all the critical aspects of your coaching business, including program structures, ethical coaching practices, and SEO.

Transform YOURSELF As A Business Owner:

1 Enhanced Communication Skills:

Gain the confidence to express your vision and value clearly and persuasively.

2 Confidence Boost:

Elevate your self-assurance in your professional journey and the value you offer.

3 Overcome Challenges:

Conquer common barriers such as imposter syndrome and procrastination with effective strategies.

4 Practical Business Management:

Acquire hands-on skills for client engagement, financial management, and dealing with administrative tasks

5 Supportive Professional Network:

Gain access to a community of professionals for support, wisdom, and shared learning.

6 Insider Expertise Access:

Benefit from the wisdom and experience of successful coaches and industry professionals Cat Valentine and Jess Simpson.

7 Personal Growth Path:

Find clarity in your personal and professional vision, setting a course for growth and fulfilment.

8 Actionable Results:

Empower yourself with practical steps and actionable insights to bring about measurable improvements in your business operations.

Using The Catalyst 6,  we'll help you rediscover the heart of your business, reconnect with your passion, and communicate with unshakeable confidence. 

What are the CATALYST 6?

Building Your Brand

Feeling like you're just another face in the coaching crowd? Don't worry, we've got your back! CATALYST Foundations will guide you in crafting a brand that's as unique and wonderful as you are.

Knowing Your Audience

Are you scratching your head, unsure of who exactly your dream client is? That's okay, we've been there. We'll help you pinpoint your target audience and really get to know them.

Understanding Your Influence

Want to make a positive splash in your clients' lives but not sure how? We're here to help you see and use your unique strengths to create meaningful change.

Healing What's Holding You Back

Got some roadblocks or a case of the "I'm-not-good-enoughs"? It happens to the best of us. CATALYST will help you smash through those barriers and unleash your full potential.

Crossing I's & Dotting T's

Dealing with challenging clients? Unsure about Insurance? Wondering about your scope of practice? Are you clear on what you are agreeing to, and more importantly - not agreeing to? Drowning in receipts? Take a deep breath. We'll show you the ropes of handling your business so you can focus on doing what you love, stress-free.

Charging Your Worth

Having a hard time putting a price tag on your services? We get it, it's tough. Money stories, limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome often block us from setting our prices where they deserve to be. Remember, you're worth it! We're here to help you see your true value and feel confident about charging what you deserve.

With practical advice and hands-on exercises, the Business Foundations Bootcamp is the perfect way to elevate your coaching business and get you out of the rut!

What are our amazing Catalyst Crew saying about the last bootcamp?

"Cat and Jess are fabulous, knowledgeable coaches in their areas of specialty, and have this wonderful talent to call you on your bullsh*t in the most nurturing way." Transformed by Jazz - Aug 2023

"I love how passionate both Jess and Cat are and that they bring everything to the bootcamp. The knowledge they have and the info they provide is extraordinary." Innerwork with Bri - Aug 2023

"You are awesome, and the transformation that I have undergone in the last few months would not have been possible without you both." Megan Elizabeth Coaching - Aug 2023

"Knowledgeable, generous, committed, passionate" Coach Rach Wheeler - Aug 2023

For more information grab us at 

It's A DOING Thing

  • 2 hours

    Intentions & Expectations

    Live Online

  • 30 minutes

    What is your Business Saying?

    Live Online
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Hayley, Qld Australia

Both Cat & Jess share decades of knowledge, experience and wisdom which I am certainly benefiting from in my own coaching business. Cat & Jess are supportive, non judgemental and allow me to really nut out what's not working in my business, shift my inner mindset, change direction and see growth in my business. I'm doing the "hard things" with real authentic people in my corner.  It's the thing I love most about Catalyst.


I would recommend the program to anyone who needs support, growth and more abundance in their business. 

Brianna, Qld Australia

One word to describe Catalyst is support. When working in a field where you are predominantly working on your own, it’s great to have that support and somewhere to turn when you feel unsure or just need to bounce some ideas. 

Jess and Cat have been an incredible duo to work with, and I can't recommend them enough!

Kylie-Margaret, Vic Australia

Catalyst addressed everything I need to build my business. Specialists in the areas of finance, PR and many more have shared how to create and build my coaching business. This all happened while Cat dealt with my imposter syndrome.


Catalyst does not make unrealistic promises it gives facts and tools to build on what you have already started.

Paula, Vic Australia

I would recommend the Catalyst Program with Cat & Jess in a heartbeat…… and you wont necessarily realise the benefits until that light bulb starts shining.

I had looked at other business mentoring programs but what stood out to me was the personable and relatable touch that Jess & Cat brought to the table. They are inviting and available to support you with advice even when you don’t realise you needed it.

Before I reached out, I had a concept of what I wanted my business to look like, which both Cat & Jess were supportive of...but what has been amazing is how that concept has grown and developed into something far more than I was coming up with on my own.

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