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Your Hero's Journey

Updated: May 12, 2023

Where are you on your coaching journey?

Are you right at the beginning, refusing the call to adventure but really wanting to do it…

Are you slogging through the road of tests and trials?

Either way - you're exactly where you're meant to be.

Back in 1949, Joseph Campbell wrote the book The Hero Of 1000 Faces, or the MonoMyth. It follows the arc of a story and recognises that nearly every successful film, book and play follows this journey.


Because it's what we're all doing in different aspects of our daily life every day.

Your coaching - your call to create a coaching business is one of these journeys.

Now if you’re refusing the call to adventure, too scared to take the step out on your own, what you need is Magical Aid. Whether it is a core connection or conversation. A Magical Aid is something that will just push you from the normal world, into the unknown world.

Once you cross over that first threshold, you'll be there for a while. It’s important to collect your thoughts, gather your resources and take stock of what you need before you embark on The Road Of Trials.

On the road of tests and trials, there is no way through except through. You will be slaying the dragons of fear and doubt, you will be facing shipwrecks and overcoming obstacles. If you don't have support here, you can be tempted to return to the known world and what you knew before. Back to ‘safety’, back to boring.

If you do have support here and you can deny the temptation to retreat and cross the second threshold at Apotheosis

Apotheosis means dying. Death to who you were so you can never go back and you're transformed into whom you're meant to be.

Now, to get there, the support you need through the Road of Trials is not ‘push, push, push’!

Clearly, you’re already pushing, believe me, you're pushing! What you need here is community and nurture - to lift you up and help you carry through.

Once you cross the second threshold, enter the journey's third part. This is The Ultimate Boon, the achievement of your goal to become the best that you can be. Your business is thriving and this is where you get the push.

From here, you take what you've created. You cross the final threshold back into the known world. Take your brilliance into organisations you used to work with or other. companies and businesses. Expanding, scaling - so that you are truly transforming lives.

So where are you here?

I created Catalyst - The Hub For Coaches because for over 10 years, I have been coaching and I know this journey.

I want to be the nurturing support, maybe the magical aid to start with, then the nurturing support and then the push, push, push at the end.

Whatever you need in your journey - I’m really determined to be there helping you every step of the way.

Find out more about CATALYST foundation here

CATALYST brings together coaches, mentors and other professionals in the field of coaching, as well as experts in PR, branding and communications.

The result is a membership-based community that offers peer support and review, professional supervision, program structuring, online business strategy, media training and personal coaching.


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