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Doctors need Doctors. Hairdressers need Hairdressers. Coaches NEED Coaches.

Three reasons why coaches need coaches


Walk The Walk

We need to walk the walk.

We ask clients to be vulnerable and open up. Time and time again what I see is that those coaches who have done the work and really allowed themselves to be vulnerable, and transform their lives are the ones that can really lead the client clients into transforming theirs.


Share Experiences

The second reason is that we need to understand our client's experience fully.

Even though everyone's story is unique and different, and the way we feel things is unique and different, the beliefs and the fears are universal.

Not good enough.

Not worthy.



Fear of being unliked.

By doing our own work around those, then we can hold the space for our clients who are in their own experience.

We know what they're doing.

We know where they are.

We can wait and hold the space.


Look To Others For The Experience They've Had

The third reason is that no one can create their best life on their own.

Those of us who are looking to be more, do more, achieve more, really need people who have been where we are, or are where we want to be.

So, three reasons. Three seemingly simple reasons.

Walk the walk, share experience, and look to others the experience they have.

One, two, three.

That’s what I offer you with Catalyst - The Hub For Coaches.

Catalyst is a 3 tiered membership program offering coaches everything from brand elevation to program development, upskilling to personal coaching.

A community to grow and learn from with masterclasses from experts in coaching techniques, media, researching, and program development - just to name a few.

Catalyst starts Mon 16 Jan 2023. Join us!


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